Everyday Leadership + Our New President and Vice President

By: Kara Williams

“Everyday Leadership”

In Drew Dudley’s TED Talk, “Everyday Leadership,” he explores the idea that leaders come in all different forms. You may have said or done something that inspired someone without even knowing it. Leaders don’t necessarily have to be in some official role; leadership can happen in everyday moments too. TEDxIndianaUniversity values this kind of empowered leadership and encourages it in all its members.

This year, TEDxIndianaUniversity is proud to introduce a new president, Alyssa Osborn, and a new vice president, Jordan Erlich. Both these people have already show extraordinary leadership in moments both big and small.

New President: Alyssa Osborn

Alyssa joined the organization her sophomore year, and she has worked as the Director of Finance for the past two years. In this role, she had the opportunity to work with the organization executives, sponsors and vendors, which brought her a unique perspective.

For her, TEDx was an opportunity to surround herself with people who are as excited about learning as she is. “When it comes to understanding, my craving is insatiable,” she said. “I joined TEDx because I wanted to be a part of a community that challenged my perspective and pushed me to grow through acquisition of knowledge.”

TEDxIU has changed Alyssa’s views on leadership as a whole. “A leader is nothing without others, which is why I believe that leadership is a relationship between people with a common goal.”
Leadership within a TEDx organization has a bit of a different definition. “Leadership within our organization, if it were visually represented, is spread out like a web,” Alyssa said. “It’s not a hierarchy, but a connection between members pushing others to succeed each day.” Every member is in a position to be a leader in some way.

At the end of the day, Alyssa’s role allows her to inspire others. “Though I do like to believe the members of TEDxIU look to me as a leader and friend, I want them to know I view them as leaders,” she said. “It’s not hard to be a leader, and I’m proud to say I’m surrounded by capable and driven leaders each time TEDxIU meets.”

New Vice President: Jordan Ehrlich


Jordan joined TEDx last year as the Public Content Team Lead. This position included a large portion of the marketing responsibilities, including writing the blog, updating social media and maintaining public relations connections.

Joining TEDxIndianaUniversity provided Jordan with an outlet for creating change and facilitating conversation. “I’m excited by the opportunity to inspire people through the work I do and the things I create,” he said.

Since stepping into his new role as vice president this year, Jordan has been instrumental in implementing public salon events. These events are designed to start discussions centered around a specific topic.

Creating this conversation is one of Jordan’s main goals with TEDx. “There’s nothing cooler to me than when entertainment arouses productive societal conversation,” he said. “When you can change the world’s conversation, you can change the world’s actions for the better, and that’s all I want to do.”