How to Explore Uncharted Waters, Without the Fee

By: Alie Charmoli

Uncharted Waters

TEDx Indiana University is ramping up efforts for our upcoming conference, a live event featuring 8 speakers from around the globe. These speakers are all experts in their respected fields and will be united by one theme: Uncharted Waters.

We are experiencing dynamic shifts in our society, propelled by technological innovation and our increasingly connected globe. Through each talk we will explore new ideas, innovations, and changes. We will also explore how we feel about these advances and how we see the future shaping because of them.

Getting Your Ticket

TEDxIndianaUniversity – Uncharted Waters takes place October 26th at the IU Auditorium at 6 PM. This year tickets are discounted to $15 for students (including primary, secondary, postsecondary, and graduate education) and $25 for the general public.  Tickets may be purchased in person through the IU Auditorium box office,  online through the IU Auditorium website, or directly from a TEDx member on campus. Please note that when buying online, Ticketmaster adds a $12.50/purchase service fee that is unfortunately out of our control, so we advise buying your ticket online as part of a group to mitigate the fee, or on campus to avoid the fee altogether.

How to Avoid the Ticketmaster Processing Fee

The best way to avoid the fee is to buy your tickets at the IU Auditorium Box Office. The box office is open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. You can also purchase tickets from a member of the TEDxIndianaUniversity team. Find us tabling around campus to request your ticket and without unnecessary fees. We will be tabling Thursday October 12th outside of the Wells Library from 9am-2pm.

Explore Uncharted Waters

Whichever way you choose to get your ticket, we look forward to seeing you at our conference on October 26th to learn how to navigate Uncharted Waters!