IU Dance Marathon and Tabling

Written by: Liam McDonald and Kevin Schmidt

The theme “All too Human” undoubtedly provokes a myriad of thoughts. In particular, it seems to spark thoughts about the limitations of the human race. For all of our great accomplishments and innovations, we are a race with imperfections and flaws, just like anything else. But the theme “All too Human” isn’t designed to make people think about limitations, or barriers to progress and innovation. “All too Human” is designed to make us think about moving forward as a collective being, rather than fragmented individuals.

IU Dance Marathon

It is for this reason that we have chosen to highlight the Indiana University Dance Marathon this week in recognition of the great work they do to move the human race forward. In particular, we at TEDxIndianaUniversity recognize innovation in making things better than they were before. This year, IUDM is launching its first ever Day of Hope tomorrow October 6th. IUDM is trying to set a Children’s Miracle Network record by raising $250,000 in 24 hours to honor the 250,000 kids who have been seen at Riley this year. Additionally, the Day of Hope kicks off the final month of fundraising before the marathon. 


Innovations like this are what keep IUDM moving forward, and inspire the rest of us to keep innovating and advancing the human race forward.

Tabling and Chalking

Tabling Team

If you have been on campus these past few weeks, you have no doubt seen our marketing efforts in full swing. We have had a lot of fun getting the word out about the event at the end of the month, and have had a lot of engagement from the IU community.


Photo by Oliva Jacko

Make sure to stop by Wells Library tomorrow, October 5th, between 10am and 3pm, where we will be tabling in front of the bus stop with physical tickets on sale as well as a piece from last year’s event to inspire some ideas. It’s going to be a great day all around!