Our Team 2015

Ben Brattain

President and Licensee

Senior at Indiana University, majoring in Computer Science. Ben’s diverse interests in outdoor adventure, entrepreneurship, and community outreach have facilitated his ability to bring a TEDx event to Indiana University, where he seeks to inspire students to go out and seek more. Ben is involved in a local consulting group, and has had diverse internship experiences in finance, consulting, and more.

Ari Stoner

Executive Producer

Senior majoring in Biotechnology with a focus on microbiology. Ari is passionate about the arts, science advocacy, outdoor recreation, and environmental issues. On campus he is also involved as the treasurer for the Biotechnology club, and works part time as a researcher in the laboratory of Clay Fuqua studying bacteria. When not studying or working on TEDx, he enjoys rock climbing, drawing, and hanging out with his dog, Tesla.

Dmitry Simakov

Director of Curation

Junior at Indiana University, majoring in Finance and Business Analytics at the Kelley School of Business. Apart from running and managing the organization’s funds, Dmitry is also involved as an associate justice on the Indiana University Supreme Court, a delegate on the Kelley Student Government, and a member of the Investment Banking Workshop. During his free time Dmitry enjoys photography, traveling, swimming, and attending IU athletic events.

Christopher Podlaski

Event Manager

Junior at Indiana University, majoring in Informatics. Apart from his roles organizing the event, Chris is involved in the Informatics Student Association as a Vice President, is a member of the Technology Consulting Workshop, and has done internships in Marketing, Operations, and Corporate Strategy. In his free time Chris writes music, is an avid film buff, and advocates for emerging technology and space commercialization.

Harrison Tyler Elmore


Junior at Indiana University, majoring in Business Economics, Public Policy, and International Business at the Kelley School of Business with a minor in Creative Writing. Apart from assisting the Curator team within TEDx, Harrison is involved in a local IO Psychology consulting organization and has experience interning at an apartment investment advisory firm. During his free time Harrison enjoys hiking, writing fiction, watching movies, and attending music festivals.

Omar Mattar


Junior at Indiana University, majoring in Finance, Economic Consulting, and International Business at the Kelley School of Business. Omar is a curator for the TEDx event using experience he’s leveraged as a team manager for a local consultancy and managing the philanthropy board for his fraternity. Omar is also a member of the Consulting Workshop. In his free time, he enjoys philosophy, traveling, exploring languages, and discovering new music.

Naomi Kellogg

Director of Internal Affairs

Sophomore at IU majoring in Non-Profit Management with a minor in Education Policy. Naomi is a strong advocate for the student voice and improving public education. The founder of our Associates program, Naomi has been focused on making every member of TEDxIU feel plugged in and confident. During her free time she rides for her sorority's Little 500 Bike team and serves as a member of the IUSA Student Congress.

Austin Atkinson

Creative Director

Austin is a Junior studying Journalism where he specializes in Advertising as well as Human-Centered Computing and Design. On campus he is a director on the 106th Union Board and a Senior Advertising Designer at the Indiana Daily Student. In his free time he enjoys photography, traveling, and going to the beach.

Aaron Shafer

Production Coordinator

Junior at Indiana University, majoring in Cinema & Media Arts at The Media School. In addition to producing promotional videos and other visual media for TEDx, Aaron's interests include time-lapse photography, documentary filmmaking and performing on the saxophone.

Harris Bell


Senior at Indiana University, majoring in Marketing, Sales and Business Analytics. Outside of the TEDx Curating Team, Harris is involved in the Global Sales Workshop. He also donates his time serving as a Senior Campaign Leader for the Kelley Student Giving Campaign as well as a mentor for freshman in the Kelley Living Learning Center. With free time, he enjoys expanding his learning through YouTube videos, cheering on FC Barcelona and improving his personal fitness.

Cassidy Ostmeyer


Cassidy is a Sophomore at Indiana University studying Accounting, Finance, and Technology Management through Kelley School of Business. She is also involved in Women In Business as an associate in Capital Management; WIB is one of her favorite organizations at IU. Cassie passionate about equality, animal rights, baking and reading

Camille Shawley

Marketing Director

2nd year MBA student at Indiana University, focusing on Marketing, Business Analytics, and Social Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business and SPEA. In addition to TEDx, Camille is involved on campus in Net Impact, a non-profit working towards a sustainable future. During her free time Camille enjoys travelling, photography, running and the great outdoors.