Our Team 2017

Alyssa Osborn


Junior at Indiana University studying Accounting, Finance, and Technology Management through the Kelley School of Business. Apart from her involvement in TEDxIndianaUniversity, Alyssa teaches swimming lessons at the local YMCA and serves as a mentor for various undergraduate courses at Kelley. Her passion surrounds cultural immersion and philanthropic endeavors. In her free time, Alyssa finds herself swimming, napping, or bouldering.

Jordan Ehrlich

Vice President

Jordan is a junior studying Marketing and Sustainable Business at the Kelley School of Business. Aside from his work with TEDxIndianaUniversity, Jordan sings with Another Round, the all-male a cappella group at IU. He also spends much of his time running, reading, and thinking he can dance.

Cassidy Ostmeyer

Project Manager

Cassie is a Junior at IU studying Operations Management and Management with a focus in Human Resources through the Kelley School of Business. Apart from her involvement in TEDxIndianaUniversity, Cassie volunteers at Girls Inc., as a volleyball coach for young women and is also involved in Women in Business here on campus. Cassie LOVES spending time with her dog and even made an instagram for her (@rebaostmeyer).

Heidi Hoffman

Director of Marketing

Heidi is a Junior at Indiana University studying Marketing and Professional Sales through the Kelley School of Business with a minor in Spanish. Apart from her involvement in TEDxIndianaUniversity, Heidi volunteers at Girls Inc., as a volleyball coach for young women. She is passionate about traveling and international business, spending time in South Korea and Spain to study economics and foreign marketing practices. In her free time, she enjoys strumming her ukulele and binge watching The Office.

Kevin Schmidt

Website Administrator

Kevin is a senior at IU, majoring in Music Informatics and minoring in Business. Upon graduating, he will be continuing his studies through the MSIS program at the Kelley School of Business in 2017. He also works as a part-time developer at a local tech company and as a UI for Informatics Python courses. Outside of TEDxIU, school, and work, Kevin is the lead vocalist of a local metal band, From Failures Ashes, and an avid disc golfer, reader, sci-fi nerd, and amateur guitar player.

Grant Sokol

Director of External Finance and Sponsorship

Grant is a Freshman in the Kelley School of Business at IU majoring in Finance and Accounting. Beyond working with TEDxIndianaUniversity, Grant is also a part of DECA at Kelley, the Alzheimer’s Student Alliance at IU, and the IU Club Tennis Team. Some of Grant’s interests include film (especially Marvel movies), the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies, tennis and traveling. After college, Grant is interested in exploring a career in either the film industry or corporate finance.

Morgan Book

Director of Curation

Morgan started with TEDxIndianaUniversity during his second week on campus as a freshman. After having gone through the internship program (and a lot of tabling), Morgan was on the curation team for the 2016 event and became the Director of Curation. Morgan is studying Economic Consulting and Entrepreneurship. Passionate about traveling, Morgan has the goal of making a friend from every country in the world.

Gina Roesch

Head Curator and Director of Salon Events

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Gina is a junior Chemistry major with a Liberal Arts Management certificate. She loves chemistry so much, that she spends her entire life studying it… Rumor has it sometimes she comes out of the depths of her textbooks to talk to other humans. When she isn’t studying (almost never) and not sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading” (one should always be doing this), she enjoys cooking, watching the Bengals, listening to Phil Collins and spending time with her family.

Liam McDonald

Director of Finance

Liam is a sophomore at Indiana University, majoring in Finance and Business Analytics from the Kelley School of Business. He also has a strong interest in technology, and is minoring in Computer Science through the school of informatics and computing. Apart from TEDx, Liam is a member of the Investment Banking Workshop and has completed internships in computer programming and logistics. Outside of school and extracurricular activities, Liam loves golfing, scuba diving, traveling and playing soccer.

Ben Wallace

Campus Media Coordinator

A Junior at IU, Ben is a student in the Kelley School of Business. His interests outside of school contain a wide variety of activities and conversation topics such as: Stand-up comedy, science fiction, invention ideas, great podcasts, space exploration, riddles, rap music, Quentin Tarantino movies, things to be happy about, life’s unanswered questions, dance moves, and your day.
Oh, and he also like TED Talks.

Sohile Ali

Assistant Video Producer

Freshman at Indiana University, majoring in Intelligent Systems Engineering. Outside of TEDxIndianaUniversity, Sohile is a Student Ambassador on the High School Outreach Team for The School of Informatics and Computing. He is also the Outreach Director for The Indiana University Engineering Club, INgineering. In his free time, Sohile enjoys playing basketball, video games, watching movies, and spending time with his friends.

Zach LeVay

Head of Public Relations (Campus Focus)

Zach began his experience with TEDxIndianaUniversity at the start of his freshman year. After participating in the intern program, Zach furthered his involvement on the Marketing team focusing on Public Relations. Pursuing a degree in accounting and finance, Zach aspires to make the most out of his experience at Indiana University by delving into interesting programs like traveling to India on a study tour this summer and joining other student and social organizations. In his free time he enjoys cooking, reading and writing, and watching (probably too many) sports.

Calvin Isch

Curation Team and Facebook Curator

Calvin started with TedxIndianaUniversity his first week on campus as a freshman. After completing the internship program, he continues his involvement through participation on the marketing team as a Facebook curator and through assisting the curation department with the selection of speakers. Calvin is pursuing a degree in marketing and is currently researching habit formation in the Cognitive Science department. Using skills gleaned from these fields, he hopes to start a variety of companies that increase the productivity of determined individuals and enhance the lives of people all over the globe.

Laxmi Palde

Curation Understudy and Public Relations (Media Focus)

Laxmi is a freshman at IU pursuing a degree in Neuroscience. She was a TEDxIU intern during the fall 2016 semester. Apart from her involvement in TEDx, Laxmi is a dancer for HoosierRaas, an IU dance team that competes in the circuit around the country and on campus. In her free time, Laxmi plays tennis, reads, listens to music and watches lots of Indian movies. She aspires to be a doctor, a traveler, a foodie and a New Yorker in the future. Also, she loves TED.

Emily Unison

Curation Team

Emily is a junior at IU pursuing a degree in International Studies with a concentration in Diplomacy & Governance. She is also working to receive her Business Foundations Certificate from The Kelley School of Business. Emily got involved with TEDxIndianaUniversity as a sophomore with the internship program, and is now a member of the Curation Team. In her free time, Emily loves to play soccer, travel, wakeboard, and hang out with her friends. She recently got back from Vienna, Austria, where she studied abroad in the Fall of 2016. Now, she is hoping to get more involved with the Refugee Relief Initiative on campus.

Phil Wang

Stage Design

Phil is a sophomore at IU studying Finance, Business Analytics, and Technology Management. What does he know about stage design? No one really knows, but he does love TEDxIndiana University. Outside of TEDx, Phil is involved with 180 Degrees Consulting and Alpha Kappa Psi. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, wildlife photography, and international travel.

Olivia Jacko

Photo Director and Instagram Curator

Olivia is a freshman at IU pursuing a dual degree in Marketing and Media Advertising. She began her involvement with TEDx by starting a conference at her high school, and continued with the internship program at IU. Now, she uses her font expertise and digital camera to capture TEDxIU for social media and branding purposes. Outside of the TEDx, Olivia is a freelance photographer (Snapshots by Liv on Facebook go give it a like!!!!) and a member of Graphic Design Club. She aspires to be able to combine her love for art and music with business and spends her free time looking at apartments in New York City she can hopefully live in someday and listening to too many showtunes.

Bennett Farina

Stage Design

Bennett is a sophomore majoring in Economic Consulting and Business Analytics and minoring in Chinese. Outside of TEDxIndianaUniversity, he is involved in Social Enterprise Engagement at Kelley and gives campus tours for the IU Admissions Office. In his free time, he loves playing music, making quesadillas (and eating them too) and watching videos of sloths on the internet.

Alie Charmoli

Event Team and Snapchat Curator

Alie is a sophomore studying Marketing and Business Analytics. She loves making events run smoothly and got involved with TEDx this past year. Outside of TED, Alie is involved in Women & Company, UBDC, and Hip Hop ConnXion. Ask her to show you some moves. She loves to read, watch movies, and take midday naps.

Braden Palmore

Production Team

Catch him outside carrying a box of cereal, most likely Oreo Os or Chocolate Mini Wheats (though he's open to variety). When he's not rockin out with the production team or helping prepare the stage, he's most likely in McNutt Quad with his 52 awesome residents!

Netra Murthy

Social Media Manager

Netra is a sophomore from Okemos, MI majoring in Marketing, Italian and Apparel Merchandising. She joined TEDx as a freshman through the intern program, and has been on the marketing committee ever since. In addition to TEDx, she is involved with Omni at Kelley and her sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon. She loves video games, baking, weird documentaries, and a good mystery.

Mona Sehgal

Head Curator

Mona is a sophomore at the Kelley School of Business majoring in Finance and Technology Management. Apart from serving as a Head Curator for TEDx Indiana University, Mona is a member of Indiana University Funding Board, Investment Banking Network Diversity Program, and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed business fraternity. Her interests include traveling, photography, and hip-hop music.