Our Team

Krishna Pathak


Krishna Pathak is a senior in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, with a focus in national and homeland security. Outside of TEDxIU, he serves as an Associate Justice on the Student Body Supreme Court of the Indiana University Student Government. In his free time, Krishna enjoys rewatching films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe millions and millions of times.

Calvin Isch

Vice President of Curation

Calvin Isch is a junior studying Cognitive Science and Mandarin in the College of Arts and Sciences. Outside of TEDxIU, he conducts research on decision making and habit formation with professor Peter Todd. He spends his free time rock climbing and watching “high-society” films with his pals.

Netra Murthy

Vice President of Marketing

Netra Murthy is a senior studying Marketing and Technology Management. In addition to TEDxIU, she is involved with In the Know, a club that hosts trivia competitions at IU. In her free time, she likes to watch documentaries with her roommates and read mystery books.

Colette Tangney

Vice President of Membership

Colette Tangney is a junior studying Finance in the Kelley School of Business with a minor in Political Science. Besides TEDxIU, she spends a great deal of her time with the Investment Banking Workshop, Finance Diversity Program and tutoring mathematics for undergraduate students. In her free time, Colette enjoys trying new sushi restaurants, watching documentaries on Netflix and playing intramural soccer.

Jason Fruits

Vice President of Production

Jason Fruits is a second year graduate student in the Media School at IU. Outside of TEDxIU, Jason works sports production freelance for NBCSN, FloSports, Indiana University and also studies and produces creative shorts. He has collaborated with MFA students from CalArts acting as producer for short films HOOSIER, and Turbine Angel.

Laxmi Palde

Vice President of Operations

Laxmi Palde is a junior studying Neuroscience and Environmental/Sustainability Studies with a focus on food systems. Aside from TEDxIU, she is an advocacy intern at a local food pantry. She enjoys eating, learning and nature.

Grant Sokol

Vice President of Finance

Grant Sokol is a junior studying Finance in the Kelley School of Business with an individualized minor in Entertainment Business. Outside of TEDxIU, Grant has had professional experience working as a finance intern for both WebMD and HBO. In his spare time, Grant enjoys watching movies, playing tennis, and cheering on Philadelphia sports teams.