Awards and Photoshoots

As mentioned before, for the past few weeks we’ve been contending for Student Life and Learning’s Event of the Year Award. This past Wednesday, our Executive Producer (VP) Chris Podlaski and
Public Content Team Lead Jordan Ehrlich accepted the prize of runner up at the Student Organization Awards Ceremony.

Our Honorable Mention for Indiana Universitys Event of the Year

Our Honorable Mention for Indiana University Event of the Year

Aside from this, our Creative Content Team has been working to create a consistent style for our apparel and other merchandise to be given out at marketing events and the main event this fall.

Team of the Week – Public Content

Before talking about what the Public Content Team has been up to this week, it might be beneficial to talk about what the team is even here for. Our Public Content Team helps the TEDxIndianaUniversity display itself to the public in a way that accurately represents our mission. Some examples of the team’s work include this blog post; the Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts you might see; and any other point of contact between the organization and you guys (the public).

One of our missions at TEDxIndianaUniversity is to connect with our community. In order to do this, we like to introduce the members of the TEDx team here on our website. Evan White has been helping us accomplish this task throughout the past week by scouting out locations on campus to take the headshots of our directors and team leads. It wasn’t an easy task, but he found a spot that is specific to IU, is famous from orientation tours, and is pretty romantic.

Once we found the perfect spot, we spent Sunday taking individual photos of our team members. It was a long day for some of us.

From left to right: Jordan Ehrlich, Chris Podlaski, Kevin Schmidt, Dmitry Simakov

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about photography this week. Through this, we’ve learned something: more important than photography’s ability to show us the world is its ability to tell a story. Through telling stories with photography, we become connected to our world on an emotional and experiential level. For more on this concept, check out David Griffin’s TED Talk below titled, How Photography Connects Us.”

Member of the Week – Evan White

Because Evan is new to the team this semester, you might not know much about him. Here’s some information on the guy:

Evan White (Photo for Blog)

Evan White, Photographer

Already having written a book and learned to whittle, he’s done a lot in his young adult life. As a senior in high school, Evan entered a finance competition where he had to explain to his teammates certain aspects of finance they previously were not exposed to. To do this he drafted a word document which, by the end of his typing rant, ended up being over 200 pages. With all this information already consolidated, he figured he’d get it published. And there it was: Common Anomaly – a book by Evan White. He plans to continue writing but is certain to note, “in the future, I’m gonna have a book with a [cooler] cover.”